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How do I prepare
my phone or device before sending?

For us to be able to purchase your mobile/tablets and protect your privacy, it is really important you do the following before sending:

i) remove the pin/passcode.

ii) remove Apple iCloud/Google account linked with device.

iii) ensure your phone is not locked to a mobile network.

iv) remove ‘Find My’ for Apple products.



Removing password:

  1. For Apple products: Settings -> Tap Face ID & Passcode -> Tap Reset Face ID (if on) and Turn Passcode off.

  2. For Android products: Settings -> Security -> Device lock -> Screen lock -> If prompted, enter your current passcode -> None -> Delete.



Removing account:

  • Removing Apple iCloud account from Apple products: Settings -> tap [Your name] at the top of settings -> Scroll down to Sign out -> tap sign out.


  • Removing Google account from Android products: Settings -> tap ‘Passwords and accounts’ or ‘Users and accounts’ -> Under ‘Accounts’, tap your account to remove it -> Remove account -> to confirm tap Remove account. If this is the only account on the phone/tablet you will need to enter devices PIN or password.


  • Removing Find My for apple products:

         Settings -> Tap your name -> Find my -> Tap find my [device], then tap to turn it off. Enter apple ID password -> Tap turn off.


And that’s it, your phone/tablet is ready to be sent to us for valuation 😊

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